This is no simple wish.

I’ve heard that you can make a wish and it just might come true. Well, I’ve spent a long time preparing this wish. As I put it out there in the universe, I know it will take its place along with all the other wishes. That’s OK. All I ask for is its place in the sun where it can live or die on its own merit.

 I wish you love.

 Now, you need to bear in mind that this is no simple wish. For you to have love, you need to be able to recognize it, appreciate it and hold onto it. You have to let go of your view that you can make-believe about love. That’s because you need your heart and mind to be clear. Ultimately, you have to hone your senses sufficiently that you can maintain something of a hub of confidence when it comes to love.

 At the end of the day, should my wish for you come true, you’ll ever be developing a sense of innermost peace. This results from working on clearing your heart and mind. It requires you fight some of your battles with your demons. You don’t need to conquer them all; just fight them down so they don’t rage at you. Then you can develop the ability to turn the page on them and ultimately stop carrying them with you everywhere you go.

 Know that love doesn’t occur because you’re the best, the brightest or the most gorgeous. Those factors make you stand out. This may or may not be attractive to someone. Not everybody wants a lover who stands out.

 Love requires hooks between your personality and that of your beloved. Hooks occur based on emotional strength and emotional need. You need to be very careful to discriminate between sexual need and emotional need. Emotional need requires you to feel like there’s something you can work on that requires you to look within yourself. Hopefully it’s not a raging demon. It’s much easier to develop a love relationship when you feel like you can bear each other in mind and both of you can accomplish things when you’re together. Demons make you focus on yourself too much.

 This means, for mutual love to be developed and maintained, both of you must feel that you want and need to make a place for each other in your lives. You know your lover is critically important to your feelings of well-being; you have a deep desire for his/her support, approval and kindness. You may not be able to explain it in words, but you feel as though you’re making a pact between you. The two of you might actually feel like there’s a click or a feeling of fitting together. Your reasons may be different, but your sensation of belonging together is at about the same level. And you know all of this is true based on the way it feels.

 Thus, I have made my wish. As you can see, this is really no simple wish. But, it just might be able to hold its place in the sun.


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