Wendy Brown

National Indie Excellence Awards

I’m glad you’re here, wanting to learn more about yourself as a lover. Having a successful love relationship can be one of the most fulfilling experiences of your lifetime.

I’ve written a new book called The Six Passions of the Red-hot Lover: Find out which one is yours. And it just won the 2017 National Indie Excellence Award for a Relationship book! Let’s see if you just might be a Red-hot Lover.

Answer yes or no to each of these questions:

  1. Are you capable of mind-blowing sex and heart-felt closeness?
  2. Do you sometimes feel as vulnerable as a candle in the wind?
  3. Can you be wild and crazy at times?
  4. Do you feel a sense of kinship with the medieval courtly lovers?
  5. Is it possible that you have one of these six passions: heartbreak, challenge, pursuit, gallantry, vindication or attention?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you just might be a Red-hot Lover. And you could very well have presidential company. I speculate that President Donald Trump is a Red-hot Lover.

As a Red-hot Lover you might even have a specific love-life script: a Lovesick Lover, Prince/Princess, Lover’s Fool, White Knight, Black Knight or Drama King/Queen. It’s very possible that President Trump has at least three of these.

Please keep in mind that I appear regularly on WVON 1690 AM Chicago with Art Sims @chatdaddy, which you can listen to via iHeartRadio. I’ve also started doing talks at the Metropolitan Community Church, with more to come.

As you learn about love and become the lover you’ve always known you could be, I wish you love!