Love Attitudes

Quite simply a love attitude is a set of thoughts and feelings that determines how you think, feel and behave when you’re in love. It reveals what love is for you. Essentially you take your love attitude for granted and can’t see it clearly unless somebody or something brings it to your attention. But there are times when you might have some awareness of love attitudes: When you say a certain individual is or isn’t your type or when you comment that the love your lover provides is or isn’t the love you need.

Here are the four love attitudes Wendy Brown discovered:

Love is a Gripping Drama

Seeing love as a Gripping Drama means you’re prepared for uneasiness, suspense and turmoil. In other words you’re expecting your love-life to provide you with some serious and intense ups and downs. Both good and bad times can fill your need for tense and spellbinding excitement.

Love is a Passionate Adventure

It’s very different if you see love as a Passionate Adventure. Then you figure you’ll have the excitement of strengthening your romantic and sexual feelings as you embark on new and wonderful experiences. Your daydream includes feeling inspired and enthusiastic about the quest and challenge of love.

Love is a Sensible Compromise

Picturing your love relationship as a Sensible Compromise indicates that you’re seeking a calm and steady love-life. For you love and passion are desirable as long as they work well in your daily life and plans for the future. You generally prefer a solid and reliable love relationship; one that provides you with a sense of serenity and confidence.

Love is a Joyful Diversion

Viewing romance and desire as a Joyful Diversion indicates that you have a youthful, fun-loving sense of wonder about love. You respond to difficulties by needing to be refreshed and restored before facing them. But, even then, dealing with troubles isn’t your favourite activity.