How can you tell if you’ve found your soul-mate?

Basically, you need to zero in on the connection between you. And sift through the tumult of emotions you experience when you’re attracted to someone, falling in love or in love. Separate out your feelings into three camps:

  • Sexual
  • Hopeful
  • Resonating

Sexual feelings are any that drive you towards physical intimacy.

Hopeful feelings are those you add to the facts. Facts include what is actually happening in front of you; what is concrete and real. Let’s suppose there’s appreciation, respect, kindness and dignity between you and someone. Then there is what you hope, dream and wish all of that means. It’s your interpretation blended with your vested interest. Beware that your vested interest can go either way: false positive or false negative. You might be wondering why anyone would have a false negative hope. This occurs when an individual is afraid of being set-up for failure. Instead of leaving him/herself open to disappointment, he/she prepares for the worst and actually does a very good imitation of hoping for the worst.

Resonating feelings are the hardest to identify. You need to intuitively pick up if someone is in synch with you. Notice if it feels like you’ve known each other forever; see if you feel like the paths you’re on click together.

At the end of the day, you need sexual feelings, facts, and resonating feelings for a soul-mate connection. Hope is good, but a little goes a long way. The reason you need to separate out your feelings is to prevent the sexual and hopeful feelings from taking over and making it hard to see the facts and feel the resonance.

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