Can you find a soul-mate on Tinder?

Yes, but you’re really setting yourself up for a challenge. Tinder seems to be set up as the devil’s advocate of deep, meaningful relationships. You have just a little information on your prospective hookup or date and some photos. But, then again you don’t have much to go on if you meet someone at a club or a coffee shop.

What you need to be able to accomplish is no easy feat: Engage a person in such a way that you can tell if there’s potential for a real connection. Inspire him/her to want to get to know you deep down. And have the opportunity to make it all happen.

By the way, that probably means no sex for three to six dates. If you’re looking for resonance with your inner self, you need to be unclouded emotionally. You have to connect with your gut. Sex is a big distraction and a major muddler in this process.

Bear in mind that finding a soul-mate on Tinder is like finding a warm spot in the Arctic. But finding a soul-mate anywhere is one of the hardest and most rewarding things you’ll ever do.

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