Who are Red-hot Lovers?

Being a Red-hot Lover is quite a distinction. It means you could be one of the greatest lovers the world has ever known.

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton were true Red-hot Lovers. They had the virility, the obsession, the jealousy and the pain. Liz and Dick were both married to other people when their scandalous love affair started. They received criticism from the Vatican, the US Senate and Ed Sullivan. Sixteen months after their divorce, Dick was quoted to say ‘You can’t keep clapping a couple of sticks [of dynamite] together without expecting them to blow up.’ Whatever you think of the wild rollercoaster ride they took together, they had Red-hot Love in spades.

Of course, there are happy endings with Red-hot Love. Vivian Ward (Jessica Roberts) and Edward Lewis (Richard Gere) were Red-hot Lovers in the movie Pretty Woman. As the picture proceeds, it becomes less and less relevant that Vivian is a prostitute. She and Edward develop a passion for each other. He ends up having his chauffeur drive him to her place in a business suit and shining car so he can climb up the fire escape (even though he’s afraid of heights) with a rose in his teeth. She wanted a fairytale courtship with a knight in shining armor.

Red-hot Love has complexity to it. The Princess of Wales, Diana Spencer had the sensitivity, the anguish, the lovesickness and the drama of Red-hot Love. She lived in the realm of hope and despair; a candle in the wind.

There are many Red-hot Lovers among us.

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