President Trump is a Red-hot Lover…what about Melania? And what does this mean for their relationship?

The Donald appears to be a Red-hot Lover through and through. You can see that he does what is right and true to him, no matter about the firestorm it causes. As a matter of fact, he almost looks like he revels in the angst, drama and chaos that fill his life and that of his country. What better way is there to get constant attention? Just think of his Muslim ban, the Mexican wall and saying the press is the enemy of the people. No matter what happens with any of this, he just keeps forging ahead, with blinders on. If he feels like a fool, it doesn’t show; we don’t see anything that looks like concern about the large portion of the population that scorns him. Of course, this is his appeal to his supporters: He carves out his own goals in his own reality and relentlessly pursues them. To the extent that others see the world his way, he is vindicated. So, those who back him in rescinding bathroom choice to transgender students stir his passion. And that’s what his Presidency is all about for him: his passion.

It appears as though Melania is not on the same wavelength as her Presidential husband. Think of the visible passion between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. You don’t see that between the President and First Lady. As a matter of fact, you don’t see passion in her at all. She is a different type: one I used to call Passionate Adventurer, but have renamed Courageous Adventurer. Melania clearly resists being bored, fenced in or cornered; she willfully avoided the Donald’s presidential campaign and now she’s steering clear of the white house. Melania is slightly mysterious in all of this: there’s a part of herself that won’t bend and she doesn’t explain her actions. She apparently answers to herself.

So, how do a Red-hot Lover and a Courageous Adventurer get along? At the beginning, she probably presented as a challenge; he would have had to work to win her over. She may have been impressed by his sensitivity, intensity, drama and fire. But, as any of that encroached on her personal freedom, her sense of dignity and her feelings of self-respect, she would push him away. As he would say or do random, reckless and hurtful things, she would establish herself in her own orbit. He might well be blissfully unaware of this emotional divide; he didn’t even seem to notice that she shuddered when he touched her arm at the podium in Florida last week. He may look like he’s in charge in their relationship, but in all likelihood, she has a stronger will than he does. Plus, there’s the risk that they could wear each other out: his passion and control could get really tiresome; her coolness or outright rebellion could flabbergast him.

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