Calling all Drama Queens

Do you find that it makes you instantly angry to have someone call you a Drama Queen? It probably feels like the offending individual just rolled his/her eyes at you, looking knowingly at all the other people in the room. And that just gives you a feeling of outrage.

It’s not that you’re denying the fact that you’re a Drama Queen. No, it’s that you secretly feel…well…fulfilled by taking center stage. You actually like being extraordinary and you find value in being excessive and overdone. After all, how else can you fully explore your emotions? There’s a lot to be gained by going from the depths of despair to the heights of rapture. It fills up your emotional life and supercharges even the most common, everyday experiences.

Of course, you’ll always have your share of critics. They’ll call you high maintenance and the like. Some may even cringe when you make your emotional needs known. And there are those who will audibly groan if you regularly have chaos in your life.

But you know there’s a big plus that makes it worthwhile to be a Drama Queen:

It avoids the emptiness and meaninglessness of a life without passion. It ensures that you and your emotions will never be invisible. At the end of the day, that’s why you have a passion for attention. It’s what qualifies you as a Red-hot Lover, with the potential to be one of the greatest lovers the world has ever known.

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