Are you in love with a bad boy?

Take the test and see if your guy qualifies as a bad boy. Then read a bit about his personality and get some idea of what he needs from you.

First though: What exactly is a bad boy?

Well, there’s quite a range covered by the term:

On one end of the spectrum you might find somebody with a slight edge, a really dry sense of humor or an intriguing world view.

On the other end, you could discover a man who is always up for a debate, cynical and jaded or even dark and mysterious.

Test Questions:

Yes   No

  1. Would he become instantly angry if he felt you wanted him to be a puppet on a string?
  2.  Does he want the rush and freedom of going his own way in life?
  3. Does he have a unique viewpoint and does he need you to respect it?
  4. Does he admire people who are unusual in their love relationships?
  5. Does he like imagining how he could change the world and does he like discussing his ideas with you?
  6. Does he dislike it when you ask him so many questions that he feels like he’s under scrutiny?
  7. Does he get bored, resistant or frustrated if you want to talk about problems over and over again?
  8. Is he ideally seeking a love relationship in which he can maintain his feelings of empowerment as a person?

If he scored 7-8/8, he definitely seems to have the viewpoint of a typical bad boy.

With a score of 5-6/8, there’s a strong likelihood he has some significant bad boy traits.

At 3-4/8, he probably has some bad boy tendencies that come out from time to time.

If he scored 1-2/8, he might be a mild bad boy once in a while.

A bad boy personality has some definite features to it. Some are apparent when you first meet, some are potentially lovable and some are…sigh…potentially dislikable.

When you first meet:

He probably seems slightly mysterious. There’s a tiny bit of him that can’t be won; at the end of the day he answers to himself. That’s how he justifies believing in himself. His lovers typically find it very appealing to see if they can figure him out and then have him answer to them because of their love and their importance to him. That will never happen, but it’s no reflection on the strength of their love or the importance of his lover to him. He just has a pact with himself that he won’t break.

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