Why not fall for the guy/girl who is after you?

It would be convenient, practical and efficient.

Well, you’re simply not attracted to him/her and that’s that.

Have you ever noticed that you have specific feelings to back you up on this?

Probably, that particular guy/girl holds no mystery or fascination for you. If any questions about him/her leap to mind, you likely don’t care that much about the answer. So, you’re simply uninspired, flat and not feeling any chemistry:

‘I’m just not feeling it.’

If you have to spend time with this person who is crazy about you, you may feel the need to keep your guard up. You suspect that this individual just might try to invade your personal space if he/she could. This doesn’t mean anything harmful would ensue. It just means you know all too well that he/she wants any way in and you dislike that fact:

‘I need my boundaries in place with him/her.’

There’s something about this person that makes you feel like he/she is a sibling or parent, or somebody else who is off-limits as a lover. It feels just plain yucky that he/she wants to be your lover. It feels wrong, wrong, wrong and there’s no way:

‘I simply don’t want to go there.’

You’re not quite sure what it is that’s missing in this individual who is after you. After all, someone else might be able to make you change your mind: You could likewise feel no particular attraction to him/her, but he/she knows just how to make inroads with you, without getting your back up. Hmmm…there has to be some charisma or confidence missing in the person you just can’t see for dust:

‘There’s nothing to carry this forward.’

Let’s say that these are not the words of someone likely to fall in love:

I’m just not feeling it.

I need my boundaries in place with him/her.

I simply don’t want to go there.

There’s nothing to carry this forward.

Love is ultimately a feeling of inclusion and closeness, where boundaries melt away. You have a sense of warmth, maybe a rush of feeling that makes you want progress towards more of the same. And there’s no question about it: You feel like you’re being carried forward on the tide of emotion between you.

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